An R-stats logo package to support K-16 education and scicomm. This code was developed by Galactic Polymath Education Studio to solve teaching and visualization challenges associated with our lessons. The functions do a variety of things, from making it easy to generate a dated phylogeny that’s ready for biology presentations in minutes to turning any ggplot graph into a fun puzzle by enciphering the graph labels. There’s lots more to come!


*Before you start (or if you run into errors), consider updating R to ver 4.1.0 or better and Rstudio ver 1.4.1717 or better.

The package is not on CRAN yet, but you can install the latest version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools") #you need devtools to install from github
#* may have to install a fair number of dependencies/updates (I'll work on streamlining this at some point)

#load it
#require(datelife) If you get an error about taxa not being found in any chronograms, try this

What can you do with galacticEdTools?

Make a dated phylogeny for teaching about evolution in just a line or two with showPhylo()

And a growing number of other things. Check out the Reference Section

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